Capturing life as it happens. . .
The secret to photographing children is to let them be themselves-this is when we get the most natural looking images. By engaging them and playing with them, they forget about the camera and start showing us their true personality.

Family Photo Session Style
One of my specialties is photographing children. Regular sessions are never rushed and usually last about 2 hours. This allows time for getting to know each other, snacks, and playing... and in the case of newborns, naps and feedings. I enjoy working with children and want to make the experience fun for them too. There is not a lot of direction given to children under 5, instead activities and games are initiated to bring out their real personality.  Prior to the photo session, take note of what activities keep your children engaged. This, of course, depends on the age. Things like water, books, favorite toy or game, bubbles, playgrounds-all entertain and keep the children busy, which means they're less interested in me and my camera. This helps us avoid cheesy, fake smiles. Parents are welcome to be involved, but I recommend silly faces over asking for smiles.

My goal is to create images that reflect the child that you know and love today and capture this moment in time. My images represent real life. Sometimes that means a bit of peanut butter on the chin or drool down the cheek. Images are one of the best ways today of remembering a moment or an age.

Prior to your session you will have a consultation, via email or phone to go over all the details pertaining to the upcoming session. Clothing suggestions and other details will be outlined at this time. I look forward to meeting you and your family!


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